My Games


I’m Sigursteinn J Gunnarsson, but you can call me Sig.

I’m a 28 year old game designer with special interest in designing innovative digital board games.  I’ve been dabbling in game design for a decade but graduated with an MFA degree in Game Design at the NYU Game Center in 2015 and founded my first game studio that same year.

Working at a board game store for the past 7 years taught me a lot of mechanics, systems, and game related communication skills. I learnt and taught hundreds of games. That in addition to studying under some of the greatest game makers and thinkers of today at the NYU Game Center was invaluable and influences most of my design and work.

I’m born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland, where I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy. I have a beautiful wife and a 2 year old daughter. I can usually be found playing a board game or some new local multiplayer game. If not that, then I’m probably at one game conference or another, come and say hi if you see me.